Each year goes by I can't help wonder why I never made a better compromise.

And if I raise you right, would you want if I could justify this time?


All this time | All my life


Look into my eyes and see another time and some other lie.

If you fear what's right, if you're gonna to try, just don’t think twice.


All this time | All this time


Now each year goes by and I wonder why I lived all these lies.

On the edge of this knife, it's familiar sights, just don't think twice.


All my life | All this time



Should (Single)

Should we be afraid?

Should we march down the street and protest hate with hate?

Or start a tirade? But if you’re not like me you probably don't want to hear what I have to say.

How did it get so commonplace for us to say just about anything to make a case where a lie and a truth carry the same weight?

It's almost night and our words have been bleached through the backlight.

Should we worry about the rewrite, effaced in the spotlight? Where disgrace shines so bright, brokered for the highlights.

How can this be alright? How can we be aligned?



The barn

Show me how to get back home. We've lost our way or can't figure out where else to go. It's cold enough, as the quiet fills up with snow. If the birds aren't singing there'll be nothing else, nothing to lead us on.

We found a home together. We built it to last forever. And from all the times we'd shut the blinds, burn it down or blamed the weather...

Show me the sign inside the barn, the one that points to who you are, who you are.

Show me how to get back home. I can't stay, though I've never walked alone. With all the tops of these hills so deep in snow, my ears keep ringing I had never thought I could ever go.

I'm grateful for the heartache on that night that never ended. We looked up once at the stars and found ours. Never once was I pretending.

In the barn, you'll find a sign that tells you why I want you here, and why I want you gone.

Show me how to get back home. We've lost our way or can't figure out where else to go. It's cold enough, as the quiet fills up with snow. The sun will rise above these hills and see us moving on.


A long, long time ago across the shore we threw stones at all the folks we knew but had cast out. As kids say, "I'm better than you anyway. In one shot I can take that window out."

Playing inside the walls, I'd hold you close while you would tear me down. So I raised up some words with song like, "what's here, what's worth, what's wrong?"

Lying here in this wake of all I did not mean, did I ever sit myself down? As I wash away my great escape through the crowd I'd settle down.

A long time ago in a bed made of stone, along the shore we watch as the world burns down. And we give thanks for all our friends for all those bitter ends.

Rose City

I thought, "How can a rose grow in the desert?" I sat on the side of the road, couldn't do any better. The sun set high and the car broke down when I left her. And I found my way downtown to apply some pressure.

We, we will walk down that road again. Side by side, a long slow stride, a hurried wind. Can you take some time right now to forgive me? I can't down this path, can't set us free.

We will erupt at midnight, coat with ash the lights above the city. The people we burn they turn in understanding. It's our fires that light the roads beneath our feet.

We thought a rose would grow in the desert. We thought our love would last forever. It's time we learned to trust, it's going to make us better. From stories high I had gotten to know why I left you.